Our Services

Supply, Design & Implementation of Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Nagios XI – Standard and Enterprise Monitoring Editions
  • Nagios Network Ananlyzer – Monitor and show Data flows in your network
  • Nagios Log Server – Centralised Log Server with monitoring and alerting
  • Nagios Fusion – See all your Nagios installations on one screen

View the suite of Nagios Monitoring tools

Nagios Licenses

  • Advice and supply of Nagios Licenses appropriate to your requirements

Integration of Nagios Monitoring to Management Tools

  • Create tickets in Service Now and other Incident Management tools direct from Nagios Events


  • Setup a Nagios Server in your AWS environment and monitor your AWS Virtual Servers and Site Servers

Application Monitoring

  • View and alert on the performance and availability of your applications:
    • Websites
    • Applications
    • Databases
    • NetworkBandwidth

Monitoring Dashboards

  • Create dashboards using NagVis