Nagios Solutions

Innovative Infrastructure & Application Monitoring Solutions with Nagios Monitoring Tools

The Nagios suite of Monitoring Tools enables you to check in real time on the state of your Computer & Infrastructure environment. This can also extend to Performance Monitoring and alerting of Applications & Websites. We are an Authorised Nagios Reseller and Partner and offer Sales and Support as well as providing Consulting Services to assist in you in your implementation and ongoing monitoring needs. Contact us today to find out about free trials for all these products.

Enterprise grade monitoring, alerting, graphing and reporting. Monitor all your Infrastructure and applications in one system.

Standalone network analyser visualising all your network traffic flow. Check for top talkers and report on any specific data. Easy Integration into NagiosXI.

Organise, Analyse and Archive log data from all your servers and devices.

Centralised visibility for XI and Core. View multiple Nagios installations from one console.